Programmes Offered

The department  offers courses  for  the following degrees in Home Science (Human Development)
i)   Ph.D. ( Home Science)
Thrust  Areas:

Life Span Development a) Early  Childhood  Development
b) Adolescence, Senescence
*  Parenting a)  Parental beliefs, Parenting  in special  circumstances
b)  Traditional Care  Practices
* Health  and  Well  Being a) Reproductive  and  post Reproductive  Health
b)  Family Life Education and Life  Skills
c) Life  Style  Disorders
*  Special  Groups a)  Persons   in difficult  circumstances, Internally  displaced  persons
b)  Children  in Poverty
c)  Persons  with  Special  Needs
*Gender Issues a) Girl Child  and  Gender  Issues
b)  Women’s  Health Issues
* Tribal  Issues a) Children  & Adolescents
b) Women  Issues
c)   Health
* Other  Issues a)  Children and  Media, Child Rights
b)  Schooling  and Academic  Performance
c)  Evaluation  of  Programs:  ICDS, Mid day  meal

ii)  M.Sc. Home Science ( Human Development)
At  present  below  listed  courses  of    4 Credit  value each  are  prescribed  for   the  Ist, IInd, IIIrd  and IVth
semester  of  Master’s  programme in Home Science(Human Development). The  entire  M.Sc.  programme  takes 
2 years  to   complete.

Semester Course Code Title Credits Nature of Course
I PSHSTC111 Life Span Development 4 Foundation
  PSHSTC112 Gender Issues 4 Foundation
  PSHSTC113 Theories of Human Development 4 Core
  PSHSTC114 Methods of Studying Human Development 4 Core
  PSHSTC115 Practical 8 Practical
    Total 24  
II PSHSTC211 Perspectives on Family and Society 4 Core
  PSHSTC212 Early Childhood Care Education and Development 4 Core
  PSHSTC213 Research Methods and Statistics 4 Core
  PSHSTC214 Parenting Across Life Span 4 Core
  PSHSPC215 Practical 6 Practical
  PSHSDC216 Project Planning 2 Project
    Total 24  
III PSHSTC311 Laws, Policies and Programs for Children 4 Core
  PSHSTC312 Disability Studies 4 Core
  PSHSTC313 Practical 4 Practical
  PSHSTC314 Dissertation 8 Dissertation
  PSHSTC315 Mental Health of Adolescents and Youth 4 Open Elective
  PSHSTC316 Dynamics of Family and Society 4 Open Elective
  PSHSTC317 Child  and Human  Rights 4 Open Elective
    Total 20  
IV Electives(Select any three) PSHSTE411 Perspectives on Adolescents and Youth 4 Elective
  PSHSTE412 Guidance and Counseling 4 Elective
  PSHSTE413 Education for Human Development 4 Elective
  PSHSTE414 Adulthood and Ageing 4 Elective
  PSHSTE415 Management of Institutions 4 Elective
  PSHSTE416 Assessment and Intervention for Children with Disabilities 4 Elective
  PSHSTE417 Developmental Stimulation 4 Elective
  PSHSTE418 Internship 8 Internship
  PSHSTE419 Disability, Diversity and Inclusion 4 Open Elective
  PSHSTE420 Nutrition Across  the  Life Span 4 Open Elective
  PSHSTE421 Childhood Behaviour Problems 4 Open Elective
    Total 20  
    Total 24+26+20+18    88+8( OE)= 96 Credits 96  

Open Elective:   Disability, Diversity and Inclusion (4 Credits)

Name Designation Qualification Specialization Contact Info.
Prof. Samridhi Arora Professor & Head M.Sc., Ph.D Early Childhood Care and Education, Child Rights, Tribal issues, Evaluative Studies, Gerontology, health issues related to Adolescents and women. E-mail: samridhiarora18@gmail.comEPABX: Mobile No.: 9419200054
Prof. Shashi Manhas Professor M.Sc., Ph.D Gender issues, ECCE, ICDS, Adolescent issues E-mail: EPABX: Mobile No.: 9906068051
Prof. Rajni Dhingra Professor and Dean Research Studies M.Sc, Ph. D Early Childhood Development, ICDS impact evaluation, Parenting, Adolescence (with specific emphasis on Adolescent Health), Tribal studies. E-mail:,EPABX: Mobile No.: 9419104644
Prof. Neeru Sharma Professor and Chairperson, Campus Sports Committee M.Sc., Ph.D Adolescence issues, Health issues for women and girls, Gender issues, Gerontology, Research methodology. E-mail:, neerusha@gmail.comEPABX: Mobile No.: 9419212010
Dr. SarikaManhas Associate Professor M.Sc., Ph.D Disability studies, Parenting, Tribal issues, Evaluative Studies, vulnerable children. E-mail:, sarika.manhas@gmail.comEPABX: Mobile No.: 9419255885