University Syndicate

Syndicate of the University for the triennial period 2021-2024

Ex-Officio Members :-

  • The Vice - Chancellor
  • The Pro-Vice-Chancellor, if any;
  • The Educational Advisor to the Govt. or the Officer designated by the Govt. to be incharge of Higher Education
  • The Financial Advisor

Two Deans of the Faculties of the  University by rotation to be nominated by the Vice-Chancellor:

  • Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Jammu
  • Dean, Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Jammu

Two Deans of the Faculties of the other University by rotation to be nominated by the Chancellor:

  • Dean, School of Business Studies, University of Kashmir
  • Dean, School of Arts, Literature & Languages, University of Kashmir

Two Principals of affiliated/ constituted Colleges by rotation to be nominated by the Vice-Chancellor: (with the approval of the Pro-Chancellor)

  • (To be notified later)

One Member of The Academic Council of the University concerned elected  by the Council from amongst its members :-

  • (To be notified later)

Two Members of The Syndicate for the other University elected by that body :-

  • Dean, School of Applied Sciences & Technology, University of Kashmir
  • Prof. Yasmeen Kawoos, Dean School of Education, University of Kashmir

Three nominees of the Chancellor at least one of whom shall be a women connected with academic life :-

  • Prof. (Dr.) Sunita Singh Sen Gupta, Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi
  • Prof. Chandra Bhushan Sharma, School of Education, IGNOU New Delhi
  • Prof. J.P Pandey, Director, Kamla Nehru Institute of Technology, Sultanpur


The aforessaid members shall resume their membership from the date the University Council is constituted and notified for the triennial period 2021-24