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JU/IA/22/100-250 (Most Urgent: Audit on Working of Jammu University) Circular
Adm/TW/2022/365-414(Last date extended, Professorship Academic Level-15 under CAS) Order , Proforma
Adm/TW/22/310-60(Superannuation of Professors) Order , NOC Proforma
Estab/22/2912-61(Adjustment/transfer of non-teaching staff) Order
Estab/22/2972-84(Adjustment/Transfer, JU Non-teaching staff) Order
Estab./22/2622-2721(Grievances Redressal Cell for Non-Teaching Employees) Order
Estab./22/2509-14 (Prof. S.K Pandey and Prof. Rahul Gupta) Order
Estab./22/2438-48(Adjustment/Transfer of Assistant Registrars, JU) Order
Estab./22/2325-2424 (Superannuation of JU Employees) Circular
Estab./22/2427-37(Order: Adjustment/Transfer of Non-Teaching Staff) Order
Estab./22/2179-2278 (Dr. Anil Gupta Associate Professor, SHTM) Order
Estab./22/2104-42 (Order: Promotion/ Adjustment of Non-Teaching Employees, JU) Order
Estab./22/2143-57(Adjustment of JU NT Employees) Order
F.Acd/II//22/427-526 (Prof. Jasbir Singh, PG deptt. of Economics) Order
F. Acd/II/22/315-414 (Prof. Rajeev Rattan, Deptt. of Education) Circular
Estab/22/1063-72(Order: Child Care Leave for JU Employees) Order
Estab/22/910-960(Observer duty in CBSE Examination for Assistant Registrar/Deputy Registrars/Joint Registrars ) Circular
Estab/22/779-810(Class-IV Employees, Bhaderwah Campus) Circular
JU/EnvSc/22/11-50 (Solar Panel Installation) Circular
DRS/JU/21/11-51(Relaxations related to Online work stands withdrawn) Circular
Adm/TW/22/01-50 (last date extended for promotion under Career Advancement Scheme (CAS)) Circular
Adm/TW/2022/1011-60 (Date extended for CAS) Circular
Adm/TW/22/9025-34 (Prof. J. P. Singh Joorel, Department of Statistics) Order
Adm/TW/2022/9035-74( Prof. Neelu Rohmetra, The Business School) Circular
DAA/22/5170-5205(HOLI BREAK) Circular