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Estab./22/16029-16128 (Meeting of the Screening Committee) Circular
Estab./22/15928-16027 (Extension in Agreement with ABN Personnel Network agency) Circular
Estab./22/15732-831 (JUICCASH) Order
Adm/TW/22/3121-70 (Prof. Jasbir Singh, HoD Psychology) Order
Adm/TW/22/3007-60 (Prof. Sangita Rani, Dept. of Library and Information Science) Order
F.Acd./A.C.(2021-2024)/I/5555-5654 (Coordinator, Institute of Human Genetics of JU) Notification
Estab./22/15152-251 (Creation of SAMARTH CELL in JU) Order
Estab/22/14723-14822 (Training cum Workshop on GeM/ GFR rules, E-tendering/Bidding,etc) Circular , Circular: Date Extended for sending Nominations
Estab/22/13012-14011 (Foundation Day Celebration by JU) Circular
Estab/22/11868-72 (Submission of Service Books : Departments/ Directorates/ Offsite Campuses) Circular
HCUOJ/22/1092-96 (Duty schedule of sanitation staff for special cleansing derive on campus) Circular
Regn./22/792-991 (Degree Fee for the session 2022-2023) Circular
Estab./22/11118-11217 (Furnish the Life Certificate : Pensioners/ Family Pensioners) Circular
Coord/Synd_Committee_2021-24/22/08-107 (Prof. K. S Charak, HoD Mathematics) Notification
DRS/22/2147-52 (Committee regarding IPR, Legal & Ethical Matters) Notification
Adm/TW/2022/1807-56 (Submission of Faculty Members Service Books) Circular
Adm/TW/22/1757-1806 (Prof. Rajni Kant, Dept of Physics: DRS) Order
F.Acd/I/22/3275-3374 (Prof. K. S Charak, Convener/HoD, Mathematics, JU) Notification
HCUOJ/22/1063 (One Week camp for Ayushman Card Registration) Circular
HCUOJ/22/1062 (Free camp for Booster dose of Covid-19 Vaccination) Circular
JU/DSW/22/2063-2123 (Maintenance charges of Brig. Rajinder Singh Auditorium, JU) Notification
Estab/22/10480-10579 (Employees Details updation under NPS) Circular
JU/DSW/22/1911-1967(Committee Members constituted on release of Vigyan Jattra, Dogri Monthly magazine) Notification
PA/REG/22/283-350 ("Karamayogi Abhiyan"- National Programme) Circular
CIT/JU/22/792(Faculty Profile) Circular