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DRS/JU/23/1305-55 (External Examiner for Ph.D viva Examination) Notification
RA/Res-Ph.D./23/1201-1252 (Trans-Disciplinary Research Scheme Performa) TDRS Performa
CIT/JU/2023/308 (Schedule of enrolment of employees for Biometric Attendance) Circular
Estab/23/5278-377 (Students Grievance Redressal Committee (SGRC)) Order
Estab/2023/5106-5205 (ERP SAMARTH) Circular
Estab./23/4979-5079 (Correction Slip- Mahila Samman Saving Certificate Scheme) Circular
Estab/23/4878-4978 (Ms. Meenu Gupta, Assistant Registrar) Order
Adm/TW/C&R/23/246-300 (Contractual Lecturers and Teaching Faculty-Extension) Circular
Estab./23/4645-4744 (Mahila Samman Saving Certificate(MSSC) Scheme) Circular
F.Acd/I/23/3646-3705 (Amendment in Statute 11-The academic dress of the University of the Statutes governing Convocation) Notification
R&A/23/889-939 (Trans Disciplinary Research Scheme) Circular
Estab/2023/4453-73 (Prof. Susheel Kumar Sharma, HOD Electronics) Order
Estab/2023/4322-41(Prof. Neeru Sharma and Dr. Vikram Singh Sahi, Dhanvantri Library JU) Order
Estab/2023/4352-4452 (Transfer Order) Order
Estab/2023/4342-51(Shri Irfan Ahmed Goni, Campus Development Officer) Order
Estab/2023/4186-4285 (Dr. Akhilesh Sharma, Liasion Officer) Order
Estab/23/3900-3999 (Superannuation) Order
CS/23/288-333(Entries for Inter-Departmental (M&W) Tournament 2023-24, JU) Circular
F.Acd./A.C.(2021-24)/I/3255-3334(Heads of the departments) Notification
RA/944-47 (Engagement of Field Investigators for an ICSSR sponsored research project) Order
DD&OE/Adm/23/3545-56(Appointment of Prof. V.V.V Nagendra Rao, Associate Professor for Online Programmes at DD&OE) Order
Estab/23/3381-3480(Committee for Centre for Internal Quality Assurance at DD&OE) Notification
Estab/23/3222-26 (JKHRMS Portal) Circular
Estab/23/3069-3167 (Biometric attendance in the University) Circular
Estab/23/3240-3339(Annexure-I for the generation of bar code of health card) Circular