The era of Internet started in the University under the aegis of Department of Computer Science in the year 1999-2000.The University obtained the Internet bandwidth from Ernet, India and Initially, the Internet connectivity was limited to only two departments viz. Department of Computer Science & Department of Physics. A Central Internet facility was created in the Department of Computer Science for the rest of the Departments. In the Year 2002-03 the University established a Campus wide Network on Optical fibre backbone connecting all the Teaching departments and Administrative offices and the internet connectivity was extended to almost all the academic departments.

The pace of development that took place over the period of time is outlined as:

Networking, Internet, Web services & Automation 

Networking, Internet, Web services & Automation 

  • Er. Anik Gupta (Director)
  • Sh. Amit Mahajan (System Analyst)
  • Sh. Guneet Singh Sudan (Assistant Director) 
  • Sh. Bimal Kumar Goja (Sr. Programmer)
  • Sh. Vinod Parihar (Asstt. Programmer)
  • Sh. Narender Chand (Asstt. Programmer)
  • Sh. Rakesh Chib (Computing Assistant)

Campus network road map was drawn in 2003 and the process for its implementation using Optical Fiber backbone was initiated.

The Network was made operational in 2004-05 with extension of Internet connectivity to various Departments and Administrative units. 

Later an Internet lab was established in the Central Library of the University for creation of a central facility for Scholars and other students. 

Video conferencing facility was established in the Central Library in 2005. This facility is extensively used in the Global Understanding Programme being run in collaboration with East Carolina University, USA. 

The present Website of the University was implemented in 2005 along with mailing facility. The Centre for IT Enabled Services & Management was established in the University during the Year 2005-06. 

In 2006, Wi-Fi facility was also extended to the various Academic departments, Vice Chancellor’s lodge , Hostels and few outdoor Wi-Fi Hot Spots were also created . 

In July 2007, University purchased 4 Mbps internet bandwidth from Power Grid cooperation of India. 

In the July 2008, University enhanced the bandwidth from 4Mbps to 10 Mbps from Reliance Communications ltd. 

In the year 2010(April), University further enhanced the internet bandwidth from 10 Mbps to 30 Mbps. 

In the year 2010-11, the University got NKN connectivity which was made operational in Nov/Dec 2011 

Presently all the Academic Departments, Centers, Administrative units, Hostels and Guest houses are provided the internet facilities through both wired and wireless mode.