The era of Internet started in the University under the aegis of Department of Computer Science in the year 1999-2000. A Central Internet facility was created in the Department of Computer Science for the rest of the Departments. In the Year 2002-03 the University established a Campus wide Network on Optical fibre backbone connecting all the Teaching departments and Administrative offices and the internet connectivity was extended to almost all the academic departments.

The centre today offers essential ICT services including Internet Access, Emailing, IT security, Wi-Fi access, development  and maintenance of Various University Portals, Problem diagnostics and troubleshooting etc. through a network comprising approximately 4000+ nodes. All ICT services offered by the centre remain operational 24x7 across the University.

To provide Internet facility and access to online learning material, the Centre administers a 1-Gbps link to the National Knowledge Network. In addition, the centre manages an additional Internet bandwidth of 500 Mbps available through other operator.