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F.Acd/II/24/2892-2991 (Professors/Principals as Deans of Faculties, 2024-2027) Notification
Estab./24/2959-63 (Raise in limit of Dearness Allowance) Order
F.Acd/II/24/2992-3041 (Prof. Versha Mehta, The Business School) Order
DAA/24/1146-1201 (Revised Duty Leave Proforma-2024) Revised Duty Leave Proforma-2024
JU/GH/24/185-28 (Clear Outstanding bills if any of the Guest House) Circular
DRS/24/980-1029 (Regulations/Statutes 2024, Ph.D Admissions Session 2024) Circular
JU/IA/24/324-404 (Local Fund Accounts audited) Order
F.Acd/I/24/2217-2291 (Utsaah-the clubs fee for the students of UG and PG Programme) Notification
Estab./24/2531-2630 (Submit the fresh proposals regarding requirement of Staff) Circular
F.Acd/I/24/1963-2062 (Enhancement in Red Cross Fee) Notification
Upgradation of Network Switches Circular
Estab. /24/2301-2400 (new outsourcing agency for providing manpower) Circular
Accounts/Salary/2024/3563(Submission of Staff attendance) Circular
Estab./24/2096-2195 (Superannuation w.e.f 01.07.2024 to 31.12.2024) Circular
F.Acd./S.C./I/24/1371-1410 (Standing Committee of Academic Council, 2024-2027) Notification
Dev/24-25/510/104-205 (Area wise Distribution of works among Engineers) Order
Dev/24-25/510/206-307 (Execution of various Works/Projects assigned to Engineers of UWD) Order
Adm/TW/24/660-718 (Superannuation of Dr. Anita Sachar, Assitant Librarian) Order , NOC Proforma
Accounts/Salary/2024/3544-3553 (Drawl of Salary through P&AO System) Circular
JU/E-Gov./24-25/20-121 (Personal Information of the employees on the Samarth User Account) Circular
JU/E-Gov./24-25/122-223 (Login to Samarth Employee Accounts) Circular
Adm/TW/2024/556-62 (Transfer of Officials----Deputy Librarian) Order
Adm/TW/24/514-54 (Prof. Md. Sarfaraz Asgher, HoD Geography) Order
Adm/TW/24/473-513 (Superannuation of Professors) Order , NOC Proforma
Adm/TW/2024/418-58 (Submission of application for placement/promotion under Career Advancement Scheme of UGC----SAMARTH Portal) Circular , PBAS Proforma as per UGC Regulations, 2018