1. The  Department started a self- sufficient Nursery school and Day Care Centre for University employees (and general public, in case seats are vacant) in 1997. U.G.C. sanctioned financial aid of Rs.2 lacs during IX plan period for the development of school infrastructure was followed by a grant of 10 lacs in 2007. Special grant have also been received to strengthen the infrastructure and other facilities. The nursery school currently caters to 50 preschool children. Variety of teaching and stimulation material is available to meet the developmental needs of children. It acts as a laboratory for M.Sc.students besides providing contact point for reaching out to the community. Every year a parental empowerment programme is organised to strengthen home-school continuum. Interactions are held regularly with the parents and informal counselling facility is also available for the parents and children.
  2. The Department is actively involved in Community outreach activities. About 40 extension activities were organised by the department for various target groups including Nursery School teachers, ICDS workers, adolescent girls, women and others. These programmes were organised in collaboration with agencies like WWF, ICDS (Govt. of India), Social welfare department, University departments, Home Science Colleges, Nursery school and various NGO's. Teachers are invited to deliver extension lectures. About 30 lectures/popular talks were delivered by teachers during the period of reference.
  3. The Department  has been  recognized  as one  of  the  Departments  to get   financial   assistance  under  the  PURSE programme of  Department  of   Science and Technology, Govt. of India. The Department has already received financial assistance under DST-PURSE scheme of Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India, during 2011-14. From the year 2017 onwards the grant has been extended for the next four years. The Department has now set up Developmental Stimulation Laboratory, Screening and Assessment Laboratory, Health and Well Being Laboratory, Outreach Laboratory and Parenting and Family Research Laboratory based on the funding received under the various schemes like DST PURSE, RUSA, and State Plan etc.
  4. UGC-HRDC  in collaboration  with the  Department  of Home  Science organized a 3-week interdisplinary Refresher Course  in  “ Women  and  Child Development”  from 9th Nov. 2017-29th  Nov. 2017.
  5. UGC  HRDC  in collaboration  with  the  Department  of Home Science, organized  a 4 week General Orientation Course  from  4th Dec.2017-30th Dec.2017.
  6. UGC-HRDC  in collaboration  with  Department  of  Home  Science organized    40thGenerealOrientaion Course  from  10th  Aug, 2018-11th  Sept.2018
  7. UGC HRDC  in collaboration with   the  Department  of Home  Science  organized a  3-week  interdisplinary  Refresher Course  in  “Human  Rights”  from  19th Nov.2018-10th Dec.2018.
  8. The department  has made  strides  in different  fields  and  the faculty of  department has    also  made  contributions  at different  levels  in  university/outside university as listed:
  • Prof. RajniDhingra  :  Dean Research Studies, University  of  Jammu   and  Nominated  for LEAP(2019)
  • Prof. Neeru Sharma: UGC  Coordinator  for  SWAYAM, Chairperson Campus Sports  Committee, Coordinator  NRC  in Home  Science, University  of Jammu.
  • Prof. ShashiManhas: Warden  CIGH, University  of Jammu.
  • Dr.SamridhiArora:  JUTA  Vice-President; Member of Unnat Bharat Abhiyan, University of Jammu.
  • Dr.SarikaManhas:  DST  Young Scientist Award   in 2012; Member of Unnat Bharat Abhiyan, University of Jammu.
Name Designation Qualification Specialization Contact Info.
Prof. Samridhi Arora Professor & Head M.Sc., Ph.D Early Childhood Care and Education, Child Rights, Tribal issues, Evaluative Studies, Gerontology, health issues related to Adolescents and women. E-mail: samridhiarora18@gmail.comEPABX: Mobile No.: 9419200054
Prof. Shashi Manhas Professor M.Sc., Ph.D Gender issues, ECCE, ICDS, Adolescent issues E-mail: EPABX: Mobile No.: 9906068051
Prof. Rajni Dhingra Professor and Dean Research Studies M.Sc, Ph. D Early Childhood Development, ICDS impact evaluation, Parenting, Adolescence (with specific emphasis on Adolescent Health), Tribal studies. E-mail:,EPABX: Mobile No.: 9419104644
Prof. Neeru Sharma Professor and Chairperson, Campus Sports Committee M.Sc., Ph.D Adolescence issues, Health issues for women and girls, Gender issues, Gerontology, Research methodology. E-mail:, neerusha@gmail.comEPABX: Mobile No.: 9419212010
Dr. SarikaManhas Associate Professor M.Sc., Ph.D Disability studies, Parenting, Tribal issues, Evaluative Studies, vulnerable children. E-mail:, sarika.manhas@gmail.comEPABX: Mobile No.: 9419255885