Research Projects


  1. Trends and determinants  of  childhood  malnutrition  and Morbidity  among  Gujjar Tribals of  J&K. Minor     Project  sanctioned by Centre  for Study  of  Social Exclusion and  Inclusive Policy, University of Jammu. Sanctioned  amount  is Rs.25,000/- (2018-20).
  2. Screening of  Preschool  age  children  of  Jammu  District  for  Developmental  delays/lags. Innovative 
    Research Grant Scheme  of  XII Plan.  Sanctioned  amount is Rs.66,665/- (2016-17).
  3. Centre for  Women’s  Studies  sponsored   research  Project  on “Cultural Construction  of   Dogra Mothers                              
       Beliefs”  Sanctioned   amount   was  Rs.25,000/- (2016-17)
  4. Monitoring and evaluation of  ICDS in Jammu Province Sponsored by   
       Dept. of   Women & Child Development through NIPCCD, New Delhi. 
       Sanctioned amount is 100000/- annum  (2008-16)
  5. Health seeking behaviour among women (35-36 years)  of  Jammu UGC sponsored
       Major Research  Project. Sanctioned amount was Rs.9,82,484.(2010-13) 
  6. Internally displaced People From Across LOC:  A  Case Study of
       Mirpuris In Jammu. A Minor Research project sponsored by Centre for
       Dialogue and Reconciliation. Sanctioned amount was   Rs.80,000/- 
  7. Adolescents in Jammu District. UGC sponsored Minor Research project.
       Sanctioned amount is  Rs 2,00,000/- (2012-14).
       Relationship of  Religiosity with subjective well being among Tribal

Potential Areas of Placement:
The passout students of the Department can  secure employment in Government sector jobs offered by the Department of Social Welfare, Department of School Education, and Department of Higher Education. They can apply in Private sector jobs related to Health and Wellbeing, Resource and Institutional Management, Child and Family Welfare. They can also work with the NGO’s and CBO’s focusing on Special Children, Tribal Women and Children, and Social Empowerment. Students are also trained as Entrepreneurs to start Preschool and Counseling Centers.

Activities  and  Achievements  of  Students:  The  students  of the  Department  are not  only involved  in teaching-learning  process, but also  in community  based   outreach  activities. Internship  programmes  requiring  students  to be  placed  in Early Childhood  Education  Centres and   Institutes  for  Children   with Special  Needsare a regular feature  of the  curriculum. Parent Empowerment Programmes, Awareness generationActivities , Seminars  and   Dissertation   work  are   other   activities   carried   out   by  the  students.

Progression and Placements of  Students/Alumini:  The Department  facilitates  placements  of students  and  scholars  in government  as  well as   private   jobs. The  pass outs are  well  placed  as   University, College and Higher Secondary Teachers; research assistants and  associates; Supervisor  and  government  teachers. Students   have   also   turned   entrepreneurs  and  set  up   their  own  preschool centers,  consultancy  services and  training  centers.

Students/Alumni based activities/events: An alumni register is maintained and regularly  updated bythe Department. Departmental contact is  available through Social networking   to provide better accessibility. Regular  inputs  by the  alumni  through   invited  talks  and open  discussion   formats  are  provided  to  the  students  and    scholars.

Name Designation Qualification Specialization Contact Info.
Prof. Samridhi Arora Professor & Head M.Sc., Ph.D Early Childhood Care and Education, Child Rights, Tribal issues, Evaluative Studies, Gerontology, health issues related to Adolescents and women. E-mail: samridhiarora18@gmail.comEPABX: Mobile No.: 9419200054
Prof. Shashi Manhas Professor M.Sc., Ph.D Gender issues, ECCE, ICDS, Adolescent issues E-mail: EPABX: Mobile No.: 9906068051
Prof. Rajni Dhingra Professor and Dean Research Studies M.Sc, Ph. D Early Childhood Development, ICDS impact evaluation, Parenting, Adolescence (with specific emphasis on Adolescent Health), Tribal studies. E-mail:,EPABX: Mobile No.: 9419104644
Prof. Neeru Sharma Professor and Chairperson, Campus Sports Committee M.Sc., Ph.D Adolescence issues, Health issues for women and girls, Gender issues, Gerontology, Research methodology. E-mail:, neerusha@gmail.comEPABX: Mobile No.: 9419212010
Dr. SarikaManhas Associate Professor M.Sc., Ph.D Disability studies, Parenting, Tribal issues, Evaluative Studies, vulnerable children. E-mail:, sarika.manhas@gmail.comEPABX: Mobile No.: 9419255885