Facilities Available:

  1. Laboratory Nursery School and Day Care Centre:

    The Centre, fully Air Conditioned, provides facilities like Preschool Education, Daycare, Crèche, Parent/Family Counseling, Referral facilities to the wards of Jammu University employees and outsiders. It also facilitates the M.Sc(HD) students and research scholars of the Department to carry out their academic and research pursuits. This laboratory has indoor and outdoor play equipment, storybooks and audio-visual aids (T.V. Music Systems, DVD). Admissions are offered to 50 children in the age group of 6 month to 6years with the aim of providing quality early childhood care and education.

  2. Specialized Labs:

    The Department had a well-equipped Psychological Testing Lab, with 158 tests and standardized scales,. This laboratory had the following category of tests-intelligence tests, projective tests, aptitude test, tests of creativity, rating scales and Anthropometric tests. Now the psychological testing lab has been expanded and five specialized Research Centers have been developed:

    1. Developmental Stimulation Laboratory:

      facilities The early years of a child’s life are critical years that play a major role in determing the child’s development throughout life. The use of laboratory will enable children in early years to improve on number of future life outcomes, achieve strong positive impacts on child well being, increase school readiness and making the early education more effective and contribute to the field of early childhood, including ways to build development-fostering opportunities for young children at-risk through practice and publications, presentations, and partnerships.Further, the practicum is conducted in the Development Stimulation Laboratory, to enrich the students regarding the importance of development stimulation for well-being and life long learning.

    2. Screening and Assessment Laboratory:

      facilities1 The laboratory has facilities for assessing the developments in domains-physical, motor, cognitive, intellectual, socio-emotional and perception. Specialized psychological tests are available for screening and assessment of children with developmental disorders and delays.Students and research scholars of the department are trained in the usage of psychometric tools to document the development status of preschoolers and children.Grant received under DST PURSE-I & II phase and RUSA Phase I have been used to create facilities in this laboratory.

    3. Health and Well Being Laboratory:

      facilities The aim of this laboratory is to assess the health and well being, by using different methods of assessment like Anthropometric Measures; softwares for assessing health and nutrition, across the life span focusing on the vulnerable groups like adolescents, women, aged, people affected by conflict etc. Health and Well being courses, trainings and interventions will be organized in collaboration with the experts.

    4. Outreach Laboratory:

      Facilities Human development is committed to improve the well being of diverse individuals and families across the life span through research, teaching and professional practices and the basic objective is to overcoming underdevelopment and promoting holistic development with the extension activities of the outreach. To achieve this objective, being student of Human Development, through outreach programmes, students can practically have an opportunity to get first hand information regarding various issues pertaining to growth and development and can help the community for holistic well being.

    5. Parenting and Family Research Laboratory:

      facilities4 Parenting across various developmental stages is an important component in the field of child development. The laboratory focuses on understanding the determinants and significance of parent-child/parent-adolescent and family relationships in development. Scientific knowledge about the interaction between parents children leads to interpretations which can improve the quality of interactions leading to better mental, physical, social and cognitive development of children. Since life skills are an integral component of Skill India programme of Government of India, it is envisaged that research and extension activities in this area would lead to that objective.Equipments of this laboratory can be used to enhance learning experiences for the stake holders.

  3. Departmental Library Facility:

    Departmental library houses 3045 text books and 40 titles of research journals (12 International and 20National) The books mainly pertain to Human Development and Child Care (340), Women Studies (280), Psychology (297), Children with special needs (182) and Research Methods (170).

  4. Computer Laboratory:

    The Department houses a Computer Laboratory along with necessary accessories; SPSS and SYSTAT software package is available for use in teaching and research.The Lab. is equipped with latest printing and scanning facility.

  5. Seminar Room:

    The Department has a well-equipped Seminar Room with seating capacity of 60 persons. Audio-Visual aids along with LCD Projector, Smart Board, Plasma TV. and PA system are also available.

Name Designation Qualification Specialization Contact Info.
Prof. Samridhi Arora Professor & Head M.Sc., Ph.D Early Childhood Care and Education, Child Rights, Tribal issues, Evaluative Studies, Gerontology, health issues related to Adolescents and women. E-mail: samridhiarora18@gmail.comEPABX: Mobile No.: 9419200054
Prof. Shashi Manhas Professor M.Sc., Ph.D Gender issues, ECCE, ICDS, Adolescent issues E-mail: shashimanhas@jammuuniversity.ac.in EPABX: Mobile No.: 9906068051
Prof. Rajni Dhingra Professor and Dean Research Studies M.Sc, Ph. D Early Childhood Development, ICDS impact evaluation, Parenting, Adolescence (with specific emphasis on Adolescent Health), Tribal studies. E-mail: rdhingra01@gmail.com,EPABX: Mobile No.: 9419104644
Prof. Neeru Sharma Professor and Chairperson, Campus Sports Committee M.Sc., Ph.D Adolescence issues, Health issues for women and girls, Gender issues, Gerontology, Research methodology. E-mail: neerusharma@jammuuniversity.ac.in, neerusha@gmail.comEPABX: Mobile No.: 9419212010
Dr. SarikaManhas Associate Professor M.Sc., Ph.D Disability studies, Parenting, Tribal issues, Evaluative Studies, vulnerable children. E-mail: sarikamanhas@jammuuniversity.ac.in, sarika.manhas@gmail.comEPABX: Mobile No.: 9419255885