Departmental Libraries

In a University system, there are many departments, each running courses for a particular discipline. Each of these departments houses a Library having collection pertinent to the subject of pograms courses, being run by the department. These libraries whose spokes are extended to a particular subject system are known as departmental libraries.

" A Departmental Library may be defined as a subject collection in an academic institution, housed either in a separate room of the main Library or in some building outside the main Library and administered either as a part of a centralized Library system or as a part of the academic department it serves."

" Departmental libraries (i.e., Library collection maintained by or for academic departments within faculty) generally are necessary where academic and research units of a University are spread over an extensive campus. So far as administration is concerned economical management and effective services are obtained when the Library has control and supervision, even though, these may be delegated to responsible personnel over all the book resources of the University.".

Need for Departmental Libraries:- 
The need for the establishment of departmental libraries was expressed by U.G.C Committee so as - 

1. To disperse the increased load of centralised services. 
2. To provide a more accessible and a more personalised service. 
3. To establish divisional collections in the humanities, social sciences and Sciences. 
4. To provide additional books and reading space.

UGC and Departmental Libraries:-
The U.G.C (India) not only provides grants to the Indian Universities for purchasing books and constructing Library buildings but also takes initiative in persuading University authorities to establish departmental libraries. The U.G.C as far back as in 1960s attempted to ascertain the views of the Universities in the matter. The contents of the circular issued by the U.G.C read as follows: -

"The University Grants Commission has often emphasized the need for developing properly equipped University libraries and grants have been provided for the purpose from time to time. According to the University Education Commission, ' the ideal to be aimed at is a large Dhanvantri Library with departmental libraries in organic connection with it'. It is generally recognised that a suitably equipped departmental Library in a subject in which post-graduate instruction and reasearch are carried on is essential for the work of the department concerned. Such a Library is not expected to be entirely self-sufficient and may have reading material (not exceeding about 2000 volumes) which is frequently required for consultation or reference at post-graduate and research levels. Books in the departmental Library should be properly catalogued and accessioned and information 
regarding them should be available in the Dhanvantri Library.

Departmental Library may be located within the department concerned and need not involve duplication of costly reading material. The Commission thinks that it is desirable to set up such libraries wherever this facility does not exist, the expenditure on this account being met out of normal grants available to the University. However, if some additional expenditure is inevitable, the Commission may please be informed about it at an early date."

Importace of Departmental Libraries:-
From the U.G.C circular, it can be concluded that:-

Departmental Library is essential for an efficient, up-to-date department  Good administration and supervision of the departmental libraries are essential for relieving the Dhanvantri Library from its unbearable load. Departmental libraries should be available to the students under conditions comparable to those available in the main Library. Departmental libraries exhibit greater convenience; saving of student and staff time; increased Use of journals and reference works.

Departmental Libraries Supported by Dhanvantri Libraries:-

  • Bio-technology
  • Botany
  • Buddhist Studies
  • Chemistry
  • Commerce
  • Computer Science
  • Centre for National Security and Strategic Studies
  • Dogri
  • Economics
  • English
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Geography
  • Geology
  • Hindi
  • History
  • Home-Science
  • Law
  • Library Science
  • Management Studies
  • Mathematics
  • Physics and Electronics
  • Political Science
  • Punjabi
  • Psychology
  • Sanskrit
  • Statistics
  • Sociology
  • Urdu
  • Zoology