Health & Sports

The Yoga Centre was established in the University of Jammu on December 15, 1998 Vide University Order No. 98/II/642/526-31 dated 15-12-1998 under 9th plan of UGC scheme. The resolution 18 passed by the Syndicate at its meeting held on 02-04-1999 confirmed action taken by the University for starting the Yoga Centre in the University of Jammu. The Yoga Centre at the initial stage has been offering Three Months Certificate Course and an advance Course in Yoga. A number of persons including University Teachers, Students, Citizens, Scholars and Professionals have successfully undergone Yoga Courses in its various sessions.

The Centre has been organizing Yoga camps at different hill stations which are surrounded by lush green environment with good climinate suitable for Yogic Asana, Pranayama and Meditation. The extension lectures were organized in the various Post-Graduate Departments of the University as well as lectures were delivered to the community for creating general awareness about Yoga. The Centre has also started P.G. Diploma Course in Yoga Therapy. It is a job oriented course and also meant for those who wish to undertake higher studies in the field of Yoga.

The Yoga Centre has started counselling on health-related issues for the benefit of Students, Teachers, Research Scholars, Karamcharies and for the benefits of community at large. The activities have proved productive and the participants have been directly benefited. There are number of success stories and the Yoga Centre has gone a long way to provide an opportunity to the people to develop their all round personalities.