University of Jammu Special Purpose Vehicle Foundation


Nomination and Registration of students for attending Startup Series being organized by Start Up Facilitation Centre, UOJSPVF, University of Jammu


University of Jammu Special Purpose Vehicle foundation (UOJSPVF) was created on basis of the 15 meeting of the RUSA Project Approval Board (PAB) which was held on 24th January, 2019, under the Chairmanship of Sh. R. Subramanian, Secretary, Higher Education, and Government of India. Special Purpose Vehicle was to be initiated to facilitate the efficient and effective functioning of various Entrepreneurship and Innovation Hubs and for implementation of Quality Excellence initiatives at all the 10 Universities under RUSA 2.0 including University of Jammu. Further keeping into the view, the amount of grants being received by University of Jammu and their speedy and judicious disbursement, it was imperative that a Special Purpose Vehicle be created. Ministry of Human Recourses Development through RUSA had also reiterated that such a company may be incorporated so that the working of University of Jammu to be strengthened. Thus, UOJSPVF was created in University of Jammu with following objectives: Incubate and foster, promote and sustain, encourage develop and assist in every manner, any activity, work, programme, which directly or indirectly, contributes, promotes or helps in generation of innovation and innovative ideas in any thrust area. These activities eventually benefit the society as a whole and may include providing funds to the eligible incubates in the form of the seed money or subsidized loans. Construct and build the required infrastructure, like office space, research labs, computer labs, conference room etc. which would provide help to the selected incubates to carry out their work and research on their innovation ideas in the campus of University of Jammu. Carrying out educational activities like arranging of the conferences, conducting of the vocational courses, educational tours etc. help the incubates in fine tuning of their skills. Provide consultancy to the selected incubates regarding finance, legal, scientific, technical, nontechnical, marketing etc, which eventually helps them to grow their business. Act as a facilitator and executor for University of Jammu to implement and execute relevant schemes of the government recipient of Rs 100 crores.



Hon'ble Chancellor and Jammu and Kashmir Lieutenant Governor Sh.Manoj Sinha on November 27, 2020 inaugurated the University of Jammu Special Purpose Vehicle foundation (UOJSPVF) building for overall entrepreneurial development of the students, faculty members and young entrepreneurs of the Jammu and Kashmir Union territory. The main objective of the UOJSPVF is to incubate and foster, assist and develop the raw idea into the progressive and valuable startup. The UOJSPVF also provides the assistance and guidance to the startups regarding finance, legal advisory and Intellectual Property Right etc.


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