Research Projects

Ongoing Projects

Details of above mentioned projects

Name of the Project  Agency Amount Sanctioned Status(Ongoing/Completed)
Institutional Economic Analysis of water Goverance , Conflict and Cooperation in the Indus- Basin of Jammu and Kashmir (Prof. Prakash C. Antahal :Principal Investigator Co-PI  Prof. Falendra K. Sudan and Dr. Virender Koundal)
ICSSR Sixteen lakh forty thousand Ongoing
Impact of Kashmir Conflicts on Refugees, Forced Migrants and Displaced Population : Astudy of Demographic and Socio- Economic Consequences coping Mechanisms and Survival Strategies Adopted by Awomen,  Childern and Elderly (Prof. Arvind Jasrotia :Principal Investigator , Co-PI: Prof. Falendra K. Sudan) ICSSR 20,00,000 Ongoing
Seasonal Migration and Human Development: A study of Bakarwals in Jammu and Kashmir ((Prof. Jasbir Singh :Principal Investigator) Ministry of Tribal Affiars 8,00,000 Ongoing


Name Designation Qualification Specialization Contact Info.
Prof. Prakash C Antahal Professor Economics of Infrastructure, International Economics, Research Methods E-mail: EPABX: Mobile No.: 9419145175
Prof. Jasbir Singh Professor Macro Economics, Rural Development, Gender Studies E-mail: EPABX: Mobile No.: 9419191137
Prof. Dipankar Sengupta Professor Quantitative Techniques,Economic Theory, International Political Economy E-mail: EPABX: Mobile No.: 9419168062
Prof. Falendra K. Sudan Professor Environmental Economics, Demography, Sustainable Development E-mail: EPABX: Mobile No.: 9419213190
Dr. Aroon Sharma Associate Professor Micro Economics, Mathematical Economics and Quantitative Methods E-mail: EPABX: Mobile No.: 9419105892
Dr. Sunita Sharma Associate Professor Industrial Economics Indian Economy, Human Resource Development E-mail: sunitajammuuniversity65@gnail.comEPABX: Mobile No.: 9419605620
Dr. Virender Koundal Sr. Assistant Professor Labour Economics, Financial Institutions, Rural Economy, Macro Economics E-mail: EPABX: Mobile No.: 9419141369
Dr. Manoj Bhatt Sr. Assistant Professor Econometrics, Public Economics E-mail: EPABX: Mobile No.: 9419332985
Dr. Shallu Sehgal Assistant Professor Industrial Economics, Agriculture Economics, Development Economics E-mail: EPABX: Mobile No.: 9103010333
Ms. Tsering Yangzom Assistant Professor Econometrics and Public Economics E-mail: EPABX: Mobile No.: 9622140487