• Flame photometer (Systronic Make) 
  • High Resolution Petrological Microscope with Digital Image Analyser (Leica Make) 
  • High Resolution Stereoscopic Microscope (Zeiss Make) with MC 63 Camera Attachment
  • Logitech Thin Section Making Machine 
  • Linkam Heating & Freezing Stage with Nikon Microscope 
  • Nikon Stereoscopic Microscope SMZ 1500 with Digital Image Analysis unit
  • Broad Band Seismograph 
  • A0 Size Scanner & Plotter
  • Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer with graphite furnace
  • Liquid scintillation counter
Name Designation Qualification Specialization Contact Info.
Prof. Naresh Padha Professor & Head M.Sc.M.Phil., Ph.D Electronic Devices E-mail: nareshpadha@jammuuniversity.ac.inEPABX: Mobile No.: 9419182875
Prof. G .M. Bhat Professor M.Sc., M. Phil, Ph. D. Sedimentalogy, Structural Geology and Eng. Geology E-mail: bhatgm@jugaa.comEPABX: Mobile No.: 9419200120
Prof. P.K. Srivastava Professor M.Sc, Ph. D Mineral Exploration, Economic Geology E-mail: pankajsrivastava.ju@gmail.comEPABX: Mobile No.: 9419125574
Prof. A.S. Jasrotia Professor M.Sc., M.Phil, Ph. D., PGD (R. Sensing) Remote Sensing & GIS E-mail: asjasrotia@yahoo.co.ukEPABX: Mobile No.: 9419133793
Prof. S.K. Pandita Professor M.Sc., M. Phil, Ph. D Sedimentalogy, Disaster Management, Quaternary Geology E-mail: sundeep.pandita@gmail.comEPABX: Mobile No.: 9419137162
Dr. Varun Parmar Associate Professor M.Sc., Ph.D Vertebrate Palaeontology E-mail: varunparma1975@rediffmail.comEPABX: Mobile No.: 9419149781
Dr. Som Nath Sr. Assistant Professor M.Sc., M.Phil,Ph.D Palaeontology, Cainozoic stratigraphy & Sedimentology E-mail: snkundal123@yahoo.comEPABX: Mobile No.: 9419100818
Dr. Yudhbir Singh Assistant Professor M.Sc., Ph.D Engineering Geology E-mail: yudhbirjammu@gmail.com EPABX: Mobile No.: 9419124021