JU organized a multi-focused program on Exploratory Learning

A multi-focused program on outreach activities to promote exploratory learning, nation building and social harmony, and capacity building was organized by the Udhampur Campus (Garnai-Lotta), University of Jammu for its staff and students with the theme "Exploratory Learning: On field Experience and Engagement," as envisioned by the Hon'ble Vice-chancellor, University of Jammu, Prof. Umesh Rai, to take education outside the confines of the classroom and also mandated under NEP 2020. and, and finally the Gharana Wetland in R.S Pura, respectively.

 In the first session focused on the theme of Khadya Suraksha (Food Security), students and faculty visited M/S Sarveshwar Overseas Limited, Bari Brahmana, wherein Mr. N. S Jamwal, the manager of the unit, gave them an explanation of the complex milling process, including cleaning and husking, whitening, grading, and packaging of the world famous basmati rice. Giving details of the economics of basmati trade, he explained how stringent adherence to food safety regulations is maintained throughout the distribution process to ensure consumer satisfaction and safety.  He also emphasized on the growing demand for organic products and continued efforts of the Government to encourage farmers to involve themselves in growing organic crops in collaboration with institutions like NABARD.

During the afternoon session at International Border, Suchetgarh, a very productive interaction was held with BSF frontline warriors. Mr. Pradeep Sharma Commanding Officer, and Mr. Ashok Sharma, gave an explanation of border policies and procedures. They also emphasized on the rise in border tourism and increase in the number of tourists at the border and the weekly timetable for beating the retreat ceremony. Significantly, the Border Security Force (BSF) and civil administration are helping the farmers carry out their daily activities, they informed. Students gained valuable knowledge and insights into various aspects of national security including border management, geopolitical dynamics, cultural exchange, historical significance, patriotism and their sacrifices. Students and faculty celebrated the service rendered by the courageous BSF soldiers stationed there by cutting a cake and distributed sweets in their honour.

Finally, to gain an understanding of the environmental conservation, the campus students visited the renowned Ramsar site of Gharana Wetlands in R S Pura. Students immersed themselves in the rich biodiversity of the wetlands, understanding the delicate balance between human activities and ecosystem preservation. A thorough interactive session with Sh. O.P Sharma Vidyarthi, IFS made the students aware about the importance of the Gharana Wetland signifying its ecological importance. Mr. Pammi Sharma, deputy forester, threw light on how Gharana wetland serves as a crucial habitat and stopover point for a myriad of bird species, including migratory birds that traverse vast distances during their annual journeys across continents. 

The Rector of Udhampur Campus, Prof. Yash Pal Sharma extended his gratitude to the faculty members and students of Udhampur campus in making the trip an enlightening and enriching experience and ensured them that such trips will be organized in the future for academic enrichment.