Webinar on “Covid - 19 Pandemic: Challenging Crises for Managers in Business Organizations” Organized By Udhampur Campus, JU

Udhampur campus, University of Jammu organized a webinar on 20th July 2021 in collaboration with University of Jammu Special Purpose Vehicle Fund under Udhampur Campus Capacity Building Series (UCCBS) on the topic "Covid - 19 Pandemic: Challenging Crises for Managers in Business Organizations” under the rectorship of Professor Parikshat Singh Manhas. The objective of the deliberation was to illustrate challenging crises for employees and managers of contemporary organizations during the Covid-19 Pandemic, along with the impact of Covid -19 on the world economy in general and the Indian economy in specific. A total of 182 participants has registered in the webinar out of which 100 participants attended the webinar. The participants were representing different fields of study, belonging to different educational institutions across the country. The session was started by delivering the welcome note by Mr. Nikhil Khajuria (Lecturer, Dept. of Commerce), Coordinator of the webinar, gave a brief introduction of the topic and introduced the theme of the webinar, and welcomed the participants, Professor Manoj K. Dhar Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor (webinar patron), Professor Parikshat Singh Manhas, Rector Udhampur Campus (webinar convenor) along with the Resource Person Professor Urmila Rani Srivastava (Dept. of Psychology), Banaras Hindu University. Since Prof. Manhas has joined as a Rector Udhampur Campus, he keeps motivating all the departments to organize national and international events in the campus to boost the morale of faculty and students. Meanwhile, He provided all necessary permissions and equipment required for this online exercise.

Prof. Srivastava started the session by explain the impact of Covid -19 on the economy and shed light on the challenges faced by the employees in contemporary organizations such as - Remote work, unclear work-life boundaries and, management of work duties. She also shed light on mental health problems due to the Covid-19 outbreak and how Covid-19 escalated the issues of stress and anxiety associated with the workplace. She further discussed the challenges proposed by coronavirus pandemic to organizational leaders and managers not experienced by them before. And provided Some of the tips that will help the employees to rise to the challenges of working in the Covid–19 crisis. She also Discussed the strategies that should be carried by the organizations to help the employees remain healthy and productive. After the completion of the session, she responded to all the queries of the participants.

The session was ended with a vote of thanks by Mr. Nikhil Khajuria, webinar coordinator to all the participants and the resource person Prof. Urmila Rani Srivastava for sparing her valuable time. Special thanks to Prof. Manoj Kumar Dhar, Vice-Chancellor University of Jammu, Patron of the webinar, and Prof. Parikshat Singh Manhas, Rector Udhampur Campus,  Convenor of the webinar for his continuous support and guidance. The teaching faculty present during the event included Dr. Neetu Kumari, Mrs. Mamta Sharma, Dr. Ritika Sambyal, Dr. Kamani Dutta, Dr. Ajay Salgotra, Mrs. Taruna Dubey, Mr. Vinod Kumar, and Dr. Shilpa Gupta.