Syllabus UG Downloads

Under Graduate Syllabus (CBCS) (3rd to 6th semester) Session- 2017

Circular Environmental Science  (V, VI semester)
Course Structure and Combination of Subjects for Under Graduate programme under Choice Based Credit System Computer Application (BA/ BSc)  (V, VI semester)
Core Courses and Skill Enhancement Courses under Choice Based Credit System at U.G Level for 5th and 6th Semester Urdu (V, VI semester)
Revised combinations of ARTS under CBCS Hindi Language (V, VI semester)
Home Science & Food Science and Quality Control (Notification) Hindi Literature (I, II, III, IV semester)
Physics (Notification) Islamic Studies (I, II, V, VI semester)
History (Notification) Economics (I, II, III, IV, V, VI semester)
BPEd (Notification) B. Architecture (III, IV semester)
Music (Notification) Dogri (V, VI semester)
PGDBM (Notification) NCC (III, IV, V, VI semester)
Urdu (Notification) English (V, VI semester)
English, Functional English, English Literature (Notification) Geography (V, VI semester)
Islamic (I, II, V, VI semester) Political Science (IV, V, VI semester)
Chemistry (I, II, III, IV, V, VI semester) BSc Home Science & Food Science and Quality Control(V, VI semester)
Dogri (I, II, III, IV, V, VI semester) BA Home Science (V, VI semester)
English (I, II semester) Punjabi (V, VI semester)
English Literature (I, II semester) MIL (Hindi, English, Punjabi, Urdu, Dogri)
Environmental Science (I, II semester) Biotechnology (V, VI semester)
Functional English (I, II semester) BCom (Hons) (V, VI semester)
Physical Education (I, II semester) BCom (V, VI semester)
Library Science (I, II semester) Geography (I, II, IV semester)
Kashmiri (I, II, III, IV, V, VI semester) Sociology (I to VI semester)
Mathematics (I, II, III semester) Indian Music (V,  VI semester)
Psychology (I, II, III, IV semester) Education (I, II, V,  VI semester)
Psychology Honours  (I, II, III, IV semester) Economics (IV to VI semester)
Hindi Honours  (III semester) Islamic Studies (III to IV semester)
Sanskrit  (I, II, III, IV, V, VI semester) Economics (I to II semester)
Zoology  (I, II semester) History (III to IV semester)
Physics  (V, VI semester) Urdu (III to IV semester)
BA/ BSc Computer Applications (I to IV semester) BCA (I to IV semester)
Persian (III to VI semester) Arabic (III to VI semester)
Hindi (I to IV semester) Biotechnology (III to IV semester)
Political Science (I to III semester) English Literature (DDE) (IV semester)
English Literature (III to IV semester) Education (III semester), (IV semester)
Geography (III semester) Env Science (III to IV semester)
Economics (III semester) BBA (HM) (I to VI semester)
Punjabi (III to IV semester) Sanskrit (III to IV semester)
Functional English (III to IV semester) Core Courses and Skill Enhancement Courses under Choice Based Credit System at U.G Level for 3rd Semester
Dogri (III to IV semester) Sociology (III to IV semester)
Psychology (I to IV semester) Physics (III to IV semester)
Geology (I to IV semester) Food Science (III to IV semester)
English (Hons) (I to IV semester) BSc Home Science (III to IV semester)
BA Home Science (III to IV semester) Mathematics
English BCom (Changed Courses Content for Sem-III & IV)
BCom (Hons) BBA
Botany Business Management
Chemistry (I to VI semester) Electronics
Industrial Fish & Fisheries BA Marketing Management
Music Philosophy
Sericulture Statistics

Under graduate Syllabus for CBCS (1st to 2nd semester)

BCom BCom (Hons)
Education Hindi
Punjabi Sociology
English Botany
BBA HM Sanskrit
Urdu Math
Environmental Studies Zoology
BA English (Hons) Communication Skills
BA Management BA Marketing Management
BBA BA, BSc Home Science
Psychology Sericulture
Chemistry (Supersession - Chemistry Semester-II) Industrial Fish & Fisheries
Electronics Philosophy
Geology Physics
Dogri Indian Music
Islamic Studies Punjabi Communication
B.A./B.Sc. Computer Applications BCA
Dogri Communication Biotechnology
Statistics Geography
Economics Political Science
Arabic Persian
Communication Skill (Hindi)  

Under graduate Syllabus (3rd to 6th semester)

Biotechnology Food Science & Quality Control
BSc Home Science BA Home Science
Environmental Studies BBA
Persian Sericulture
Sociology Arabic
BCom BCom (Hons)
Business Mgt Education
Hindi Marketing Mgt
English Zoology
Chemistry Fisheries
Electronics Botany
History Physics
Sanskrit Statistics
Psychology Punjabi
Geography Music
Political Science Geology
Computer Application BCA