“NSS Campus Unit-II, JU organized Cleanliness Drive under Second Phase”

The NSS Volunteers of Unit-II, Faculty of Sciences, University of Jammu today participated in Cleanliness drive under the theme “Keep Your University Clean and Green” on 23rdJanuary 2023. The participants started picking up pebbles, wrappers, broken glasses, bottles, disposals and waste material lying scattered here and there. After collecting them they threw them in the garbage bags. The garbage which was collected by the volunteers in the garbage bags and was then placed in the dustbins and which was further disposed off with the cooperation of health centre employees. During the drive, due care, caution and safety measures were taken.

The NSS Volunteers particularly from Science Faculty and other  NSS Campus Units  took the initiative to clean the surroundings of Departments of Mathematics,Statistics,Geology,Geography,Botany,Zoology,Environmental -Science, Remote Sensing & GSI ,Home- Science ,Biotechnology, Physics, Electronics and Computer Centre, University of Jammu under second phase.

The cleanliness drive was conducted under the mentorship of Prof. Umesh Rai, Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor & Chairman NSS, University of Jammu, Jammu who lauded the efforts of all the volunteers for the successful conduct of the event and said that students are the real ambassadors of cleanliness and motivate others to keep their homes, Educational Institutes and surroundings clean.

Prominent among those who were present during the cleanliness drive were Prof.K.S.Charak, Head, Department of Mathematics, Prof. Parmil Kumar, Head, Department of Statistics, Dr. Sunil Kumar, Department of Statistics, Dr. Tirth Ram, Department of Mathematics, University of Jammu. They also participated in the cleanliness drive. Prof.Charak said Cleanliness is not a social binding, it is rather responsibility of each and every citizen of the country and everyone should participate for this noble cause. Prof.Parmil said, it is a wonderful opportunity for students participation and they are major avenues to raise awareness on the importance of cleanliness. Such events create awareness in motivating students to adopt practices towards maintaining clean and hygienic surroundings of the campus.

The event was conducted under the supervision and guidance of Dr. Savita Nayyar, Convener, NSS Campus Units, University of Jammu, who said that cleanliness ensures a healthy mind and physique. It is not the responsibility of only one person rather it is the duty of every countrymen. 

The event was over all coordinated by Dr. Meghna Dhar, NSS Programme Officer, NSS Campus Unit-II, Science Faculty, University of Jammu, Jammu. Quoting the lines of John Wesley "Cleanliness is next to Godliness," She said that it is a wise saying that refers to the importance of cleanliness in a person's life. The event was organized in order to spread the message of clean and green campus. The NSS volunteers participated in creating awareness about the importance of cleanliness among students, scholars and employees of the University Campus. Students cleaned the campus and raised the slogan ‘Keep the Campus Clean and Green”.