Welcome to the
E-Governance Cell, University of Jammu


Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam defined e-governance as


“A transparent smart e-governance with seamless access, the secure and authentic flow of information crossing the interdepartmental barrier and providing a fair and unbiased service to the citizen".


The e-Governance Initiative Cell at the University of Jammu, established in the year 2019, is dedicated to revolutionizing university governance through the power of technology. The goal of the cell is to provide a system that has access to all stakeholders, transparency, accountability, easy usability, user-friendliness, responsiveness, robustness, reliability, and efficiency.


e-Governance thus provides great benefits such as increased efficiency, transparency, reduction in corrupt practices, increased user satisfaction levels, and reduced cost of providing services. We support the implementation of eSAMARTH, a comprehensive platform that automates various university functions. It simplifies personnel administration, payroll management, and other HR-related processes.  The cell is committed to transforming the way our university operates by embracing the possibilities of e-governance. Join us in this journey towards a more efficient and effective university system. Explore our website to learn more about our initiatives and how we can assist you in leveraging the benefits of e-governance.

Additionally, as part of our services, the cell assists in setting up and managing GeM (Government e-marketplace) accounts for seamless procurement. This platform connects our university with government buyers, expanding our reach and opportunities. e-procurement is another key service we provide, helping digitize and streamline procurement processes.From tender notices to bid management and payments, our e-procurement solutions simplify the entire process for both buyers and suppliers.