JU organises a one-week workshop on “Qualitative Research”

The Faculty of Business Studies, in collaboration with the SIIEDC, University of Jammu, today inaugurated a one-week workshop on "Qualitative Research: Methods, Data Analysis, and Meta-Analysis." The workshop, aims to enhance the understanding of qualitative research among faculty and scholars.

The programme commenced with a formal welcome address by Prof. Gurjeet Kaur, Head of the Department of Commerce, who welcomed the esteemed resource person, Prof. Tejinder Pal Singh from University Business School, Panjab University, Chandigarh. Prof. Singh’s extensive experience and scholarly expertise provided a comprehensive overview of qualitative research, emphasizing its significance in contemporary research. Prof. Tejinder Pal Singh led today's sessions, which covered a range of topics including "Demystifying Qualitative Research: Understanding What, Why and How," "Qualitative Designs - Narrative and Phenomenological Research," and "Qualitative Designs: Ethnography and Case Study Research." His interactive approach and practical examples allowed participants to gain a deeper understanding of applying these methods in real-world scenarios.

Participants from different departments and institutes, namely the Department of Commerce, SHTM, TBS, Economics, Home Science, DD&OE, SKUAST-Jammu and IIM Jammu are attending this workshop. The scholars and faculty actively engaged in the sessions, reflecting their interdisciplinary interest in qualitative research. 

The Faculty of Business Studies believes in equipping faculty and scholars with research practices that help them draw crucial insights to solve societal problems.

 The session concluded with a Q&A round where Prof. Singh addressed various queries posed by the participants, further clarifying concepts and offering guidance on individual research projects. The workshop will continue to cover advanced topics in qualitative research, providing participants with essential skills and knowledge. This workshop is being coordinated by Dr. Sunil Kumar, Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce, University of Jammu.