Three-day Entrepreneurial, Start-Up and Career Assessment Workshop concludes at ICccR & HRM, JU

A three-day Entrepreneurial, Start-Up and Career Assessment Workshop organized at International Centre for Cross-Cultural Research and Human Resource Management (ICccR & HRM), University of Jammu for the students of MBA (International Business) Programme, concluded today. The workshop was organized in association with Mind Ridge Consulting India. Mr. Manjot K. S. Gill, CEO and Chief Mentor, Mind Ridge Consulting India and an organizational development consultant having extensive experience of training professionals in large national and multinational organizations, conducted the training sessions.  The objective of the workshop was to prepare the students for their futuristic goals in terms of joining the corporate or establishing their own business ventures.  

During the workshop the students underwent a Psychometric Assessment through which the resource person enabled them to map their key competencies, skills and aptitude. Based upon the assessment, Mr. Manjot Gill took one-to-one counseling sessions for each student and guided them to make appropriate career choices. Through the assessments, the students were able to gauge both intrinsic as well as extrinsic factors of their personality to match different job requirements.  

Mr. Manjot Gill, during the rigorous training and mentoring sessions, facilitated the students to effectively handle personal interviews. He addressed several elements of how students must prepare themselves for interviews and also threw light upon the key aspects that an organization looks for when they conduct interviews. The students were provided with in-depth knowledge about handling group discussions, keeping in view the expectations of the interview board. They were taken through mock interviews and mock group discussions to have a first-hand experience of the actual scenario. Additionally, the students were enabled to create their resumes which shall help them in creating a powerful impression while applying for internships and placement interviews. He also guided the students towards using social media networking sites like Linkedin for reaching out the corporate for jobs and enhancing their networking. Mr. Manjot Gill trained the students to develop a sense of professionalism, inner confidence, integrity, communication and interpersonal skills through his interaction.

Mr. Manjot Gill, by involving students in several business games and activities, also enabled them to bring out their entrepreneurial potential. He suggested that they could also explore the possibilities of becoming an entrepreneur. Through various interventions, he facilitated them to have an understanding of their ultimate goals, develop a growth mindset, imbibe creativity and innovation in their approach, critical problem solving, brand building and self development.

Earlier Professor Neetu Andotra, Director, ICccR & HRM, University of Jammu deliberated upon  the purpose of  holding such like workshops/training programmes for the MBA (International Business) students so as to spur the students to think and focus on creating synergy for accelerating the process of self growth for availing the market opportunities that lie ahead of them.  She highlighted the relevance of recruitment skills and training for the same for ensuring placements.  
During the valedictory ceremony Mr. Raghav Sharma and Mr. Abheer Uppal, students of MBA (International Business) Programme, presented memento to the resource person as a mark of appreciation. Dr. Pallvi Arora, Assistant Professor, ICccR & HRM, University of Jammu was the  workshop coordinator