JU Launches new Green Initiatives to Promote Sustainability and Enhance Green Campus Status

The University of Jammu today launched a series of green initiatives aimed at promoting sustainability and environmental consciousness on the campus. The event, organized by the Green Campus Task Force (GCTF) and the Department of Environmental Sciences,  introduced several innovative projects, including the inauguration of e-vehicles, a stag sculpture made from waste materials, and vertical gardens constructed using waste plastic bottles.

During the event, various key initiatives were also released. The Vice Chancellor, University of Jammu, Prof. Umesh Rai, who was the Chief Guest, released the Green Task Report prepared by GCTF-JU, the "Beyond the Campus and Within Campus Green Initiative Report," and a "Pictorial Guide to the Waterbirds of Gharana Wetland, Jammu." The occasion was graced by the presence of Dr. P. K. Dhar, CEO of JKEDA; Mr. Sunit Kumar Gupta, General Manager of JK Bank; Prof. Anju Bhasin, Dean Academic Affairs; Prof. Meena Sharma, Dean Planning and Development; Prof. Yashpal, Dean Sciences; and Prof. Prakash C. Antahal, Dean Students Welfare.


Prof. Umesh Rai, Vice Chancellor, University of Jammu, in his remarks complemented the faculty for their continuous efforts in supporting green initiatives both on and off the campus. He emphasized that their dedication and commitment are crucial for improving the educational environment for students and enhancing the university's sustainability efforts. He also expressed his gratitude to J&K Bank and JAKEDA for their support in promoting these initiatives.

Highlighting the importance of sustainability and the university's commitment to environmental stewardship, Prof. Rai said that the launch of these initiatives marks a significant milestone in our journey to create a more sustainable and eco-friendly campus. These initiatives not only reduce our environmental footprint but also serve as educational tools, inspiring students and other stakeholders to adopt greener practices. The e-vehicles, waste material sculptures, and vertical gardens are practical examples of how we can creatively manage waste and promote green energy."

Dr. P. K. Dhar, CEO of JKEDA, commended the University of Jammu for its commendable efforts and highlighted the broader impact of such initiatives. “The University of Jammu is setting a benchmark for institutions across the region. By adopting sustainability, it is promoting a culture of environmental responsibility that extends beyond the campus. These projects will undoubtedly contribute to the larger goal of sustainable development,” he said. 

Dr. Dhar emphasized the importance of green initiatives like waste-to-energy conversion, biodiversity conservation, and pollution control to improve ecosystem health. He assured full support from JAKEDA, including the installation of ground-based solar panels on various open spaces and parking lots in the university.

Mr. Sunit Kumar Gupta, General Manager of JK Bank, also praised the university’s initiatives. “The launch of these initiatives marks a significant milestone in promoting sustainability and addressing environmental challenges. These green initiatives are crucial in our collective fight against global warming. As a responsible corporate partner, JK Bank has provided two e-vehicles to the university campus under our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program and will continue to support the university’s green initiatives,” he said.

Prof. Piyush Malaviya, Head of the Environment Sciences Department, gave a formal welcome address. Dr. Deepika Slathia, Member Secretary GCTF-JU, gave a  detailed powerpoint presentation on the green initiatives taken by GCTF-JU since its establishment in 2016. These initiatives include the introduction of pollution-free alternatives, landscaping and greening of the university campus, dual bins and bio-composters for solid waste management, waste recycling, and a grid-based solar power plant of 1096KW capacity installed under the Jammu Smart City Mission. Dr. Slathia also informed that the pictorial guide includes QR codes that allow users to listen to the sounds of the birds mentioned.

On the occasion a 'Certificate of Appreciation' and Memento was presented to the Prof. Rahul Gupta, Registrar, University of Jammu by Dr. P.R. Dhar, CEO JAKEDA for taking lead in introducing various green initiatives on campus particularly the green energy in the form of solar power plant and other solar based initiatives.

The University of Jammu's green initiatives include the introduction of electric vehicles to reduce the carbon footprint, a sculpture made from waste materials to promote recycling, and vertical gardens constructed from waste plastic bottles to beautify the campus and promote upcycling. These initiatives underscore the university's commitment to sustainability and environmental conservation.

Mr. Vikas Khajuria, Waste Sculpture Artist was felicitated by Hon’ble Vice-chancellor for  creating a beautiful sculpture of Stag out of the waste material lying in the University.

Others present included Prof. Meena Sharma, Prof. Anju Bhasin, Prof. Prakash C. Antahal, Prof. Naresh Padha, Prof. Rahul Gupta, Prof. Yash Pal Sharma, Prof. Garima Gupta, Dr. Neeraj Sharma, Dr. Ginny Dogra, Ms. Nidhi Jamwal, JK Bank,  members from JAKEDA, and scholars and students from various teaching departments of the University.

The event concluded with the inauguration of e-vehicles, unveiling of the stag sculpture made from waste materials, and vertical gardens made from waste plastic bottles.