The main objectives of 91.2 FM Dhwani JU are empowerment, information and entertainment.

  • 91.2 FM Dhwani JU broadcasts information related to admissions, examinations, etc. of the University of Jammu and placement opportunities for the students.

  • The Community Radio airs various innovative programmes launched by the University under NEP-2020 and provides details as to how the students can get involved with these.

  • The research, innovations and start-ups in the different Departments of the university are conveyed to the local community through this platform. This approach helps to strengthen the need for social/community outreach for a balanced development of the area.

  • Various programmes based on social issues and community development, help the university to establish a close contact with the civil society.

  • Discussions with local ward councillors, residents of the surrounding areas on topical issues are a part of the "university's social responsibility.”

  • 91.2 FM Dhwani JU not only sensitizes people about social, economic and environmental issues but also emphasizes on Community engagement.

  • The Community radio on the University campus aims to showcase the local talent and success stories to motivate the youth. These are cases not only from the University but the society or community as a whole.

  • Regional music, art, culture and tourism is sought to be preserved and popularized through various programmes. Such programmes add to the entertainment quotient of the CRS.

  • The University students work as radio jockeys, content creators and provide other logistic support on the lines of “Earn while you Learn.”